Dr. Carlstrom knew at a young age that health care would be his career path in life. At the age of 17 he was hospitalized for two months with Guillain-Barré syndrome which at one point left him paralyzed from the neck down. It took a full year of rehabilitation to regain his strength.

Later that year he enrolled at the University of Connecticut to complete the prerequisites necessary for pursing a health-related occupation. While attending college it was suggested he try chiropractic care for his own reoccurring headaches. His chiropractor was successful in alleviating his headaches.

This experience raised his interest in the chiropractic profession. He studied chiropractic philosophy and agreed with its holistic approach to health care. In order to pursue an education in chiropractic, Dr. Carlstom had to move to the windy city of Chicago where he enrolled at the National College of Chiropractic. While at NCC, Dr. Carlstrom chose to learn the Gonstead technique because of its specific bio-mechanical focus. He attended Gonstead seminars at the Gonstead Clinic in Mt Horeb, Wisconsin. After successfully passing both his National and State Boards he began practicing as a Chiropractor in Eugene, Oregon in 1982 and has continued to utilize the Gonstead method.

Dr. Doug Carlstrom and his wife PatDr. Carlstrom’s number one goal is improving his patient’s well-being by utilizing his genuine understanding of how spinal function can improve his patients’ lives. Dr. Carlstrom frequently attends workshops and seminars so he’s always on top of the learning curve.

Besides being a Chiropractor you may find him on the mountain enjoying skiing, on his tractor doing never ending yard work or scuba diving when he can. He loves his weekly Pilates/Gyro training session which helps him remain strong and flexible. He’s not alone in his love for outdoor activities. His wonderful wife Pat, who is also part of this amazing Chiropractic team, enjoys them as well. She keeps him busy with her beekeeping and honey do lists. They plan to stay active working side by side for years to come.